My name is Rochelle J Chiang, and I would love to be the voice for your projects! I have lent my voice to various projects including Anime, Video Games, Visual Novels, Commercials, and E-learning.

Please listen to my demos and let me know how I can help you!




I am passionate about working in voice over. Since 2011, I took introductory courses with various professional voice actors, taking various demonstrations and workshops honing and developing my technique. I also worked with private coaching with various voice actors, covering my range, strengths and guidance. I continue to take seminars and other forms of coaching to become a better voice actor. I can't wait to work with you. 

Please click here to read my resume and studio equipment summary.




  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Bonsall Pool & Spa  Television Commercials: Two 30 Second Spots: Voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots: 30 Second, 15 Second, & 10 Second: Voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots: 30 Second, 15 Second & 10 Second: voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Television Commercial: 30 Second Spot: Voice Over

  • Transformation Marketing, Inc.
    Carpetland Radio Spots--30 Second, 15 Second, 10 Second: Voice Over

  • Elemental Soul CCG Video
    Narrator (Voice)

  • Imperial Government of Sabovia
    Sabovia With Rochelle : Online Broadcast (January 2014-April 2014)

  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare
    How to Sign Up for MyChart at St. Elizabeth Physicians--Narrator: voice over

  • One Brand Studio
    American Baptist Churches, Michigan: Voice Over

  • Women's Ministry Church
    Women's Sparkle Event advertisement video--Voice Over

  • Map Your City App
    Map Your City explainer video --Voice Over

  • (City Works)Open Source City Making App
    What is Open Source City Making? -- Voice Over

  • App--Flirt in English
    Female Voice--Voice Over

  • Allos Learning Planner
    Allos Learning Planner Video--Female Voice: Voice Over

  • VanSol Broker
    Female Voice: Voice Over

  • Time Symmetry
    Vector Thrust Video Game: Viking : Voice acting

  • AStrokeofMadness
    Visual Novel: Anticipation, Apprehension, Adolescence: Book 1: Rachel (Young) (as K-alexiel)

  • No Studio in Particular:
    Zoolaplex Audio/Radio Drama: Dr. Sonia Lebeau: Voice Acting

  • Red Katana
    Fallen A2P Protocol: Scarlett: Voice Acting

  • AR Blue Clean
    AR Blue Clean, Clean Crusader Character Commercial: Voice Over

  • TheDinnerDaily Commercial: Character Donna Diva: Voice Over

  • Pegasus CRM
    Instructional Videos: Voice Over

  • IRIE
    E-learning-African American Female: Voice Over

  • Focus Learning Solutions
    Training Module-Minerva, Minerva's Mother: Voice Over

  • AJTilley
    Divine Slice of Life Visual Novel: Sakuya: Voice Acting

  • Exiles Message Series Intro: Voice Over
    Sound Board Project: Voice Over

  • Gerber
    Gerber Life Timeline Internet Videos:  Voice Over

  • The Imagination Company
    Cape Cod Vacuum: Cat: Voice Over

  • Media Blasters
    Juden Chan: Ruiji, additional voices: Voice Acting (As RochelleJ Chiang)

  • Name Pending Creation
    God Complex Audio Drama/Visual Novel:Freya: Voice Acting

  • Orrery Games
    Midnight at the Celestial Palace: Peggy: Voice Acting

  • Stronger Than You Think
    Stronger Than You Think Video Short: Self: Voice Over

  • TinyCo
    Marvel Avengers Academy: Singularity: Voice Acting

  • Four Story Creative
    Deep Blue Bible Kids: Aurora, Layla: Voice Acting

  • Lilith Games
    Soul Hunters: Lingling: Voice Acting

  • Qeon Interactive
    Final Odyssey: Yinglu, Ling: Voice Acting

  • Media Blasters
    Rio Rainbow Gate: Reshuffle: Additional Voices: Voice Acting

  • Seventh Heart Studios
    Eternal Hour (demo available): Rin: Voice Acting
    Eternal Hour: Golden Hour (Prequel): Rin: Voice Acting

  • 3331 Entertainment
    Asphodel: Ace: Voice Acting

  • Yume Creations
    Yuri Clicker Visual Novel: Additional Voices: Voice Acting

  • Cygames
    Shadowverse: Purehearted Singer, Flail Knight, Mars:  Silent Flame General, Prime Dragon Keeper: Voice Acting

  • Socialpoint
    Champions Destiny: Neve, Kaori: Voice Acting

  • Aphmau
    MyStreet: Her Wish: Renee/Alina: Voice Acting

  • Tuomo's Games
    Strangers of the Power 2: Slavia, Prisca: Voice Acting

  • LittleBig Productions
    Sutton's Case: Mysterious Voice: Voice Acting

  • Anate Studio
    Repentant: Mary, Christina: Voice Acting

  • Chromethean Productions
    The Ino Chronicles: Ascension: Grandmother, Elanor: Voice Acting